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Digital Transformation: From Concepts to Delivery

An often ambiguous and overused term, Digital Transformation is not simply a buzz word. In fact, it is perhaps the strongest driver that’s currently empowering the fastest growing economies in the 21st century. That’s only if one can appropriately understand what digital transformation means and how to employ its benefits for better doing business or achieving our strategic priorities.

This workshop is an attempt in defining DT while at the same time, demystifying the methodology of how to implement and maintain it in our business and markets.

In this workshop, we will start the discussion with, why, what, when and how to do DT; then we will offer insights into what all that means from the technology perspective.

We intentionally decided to maintain the contents of this workshop at a general knowledge so it can suit not just the IT audience but the wider business community. Nonetheless, we also briefly touch on the technologies and solutions that could be relevant to each component of DT and some of the trends and future possibilities.

The workshop is targeted at business executives primarily. So if you’re running a business and you’d like to benefit from the tech booms around you, this workshop is for you.

Similarly, if you’re an IT professional or IT Manager, and you’d like to understand how your department is at all relevant to the whole business, this workshop will put things in perspective for you and will show you how technology is an indispensable part of every business in this modern days of ours.

Please RSVP and come join the session, the spaces are limited and we would love to hear from you the soonest.

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