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GEW – Supporting Women in Technology: Skills You Need to Break into a Career in FinTech

Over the years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of female tech workers, however the number of women in the tech workforce is still quite low.

The panel will host various women in technology with different backgrounds from the two FinTech ecosystems to tackle the below questions:

What are the common stereotypes about the tech industry?
What skills are needed for women to pursue a career within the FinTech ecosystem?
How can women gain these skills and what are the programs out there?
How to create inclusive learning environments for women? And what are the best practices that FinTech companies and institutions should put in place?

30- to 40-minute panel discussion, 10 – 15 minutes question & answer session.

Moderated by Suzy Al Zeerah, Head of Communications & Events at Bahrain FinTech Bay

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