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Mentorship Forum Middle East 2021

The “Mentorship Forum Middle East” is a first of its kind event in the GCC focusing on the central role that mentorship can play in accelerating the development of human capital across the region.
The Forum has been devised to help participants better understand the vast benefits that mentorship can provide for all stakeholders and the role it can play in helping organisations to attract, develop and retain the best and brightest as they look to innovate, grow and create value.

The 1st “Mentorship Forum Middle East – “Harnessing the Power of Mentorship” was taking place in the Kingdom of Bahrain on 25th November 2019 and has been devised to showcase the important role that mentorship can play in driving human capital development and the realization of the development goals of the GCC economies and of companies themselves operating across various sectors.

The 2nd “Mentorship Forum Middle East” is set to take place in November 2021 in the Kingdom of Bahrain as a hybrid event. With businesses and professionals having faced unprecedented challenges over the past year as a result of Covid-19, this year’s theme will focus on “Prioritising Mentorship in a New World”