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Social Entrepreneurship

This course aims at explaining what social entrepreneurship is, through discussing examples from the world and the region. In this course, you will learn how social enterprises help economies and help their own growth along the way. You will also learn about Marketing 3.0 and how big companies use social issues to improve their brand perception in the communities.

1. Social magic

The world we live in has become like a small village after the internet boom. And not long after that social media has brought us all together every day over meals, events, fashion, sports.
The customer today is much more aware of factors like their needs, competition, and quality. How can we – as companies – keep up in this game? Can this pressure be used to our benefit?

2. Social Entrepreneurs and their startups

Who is a social entrepreneur and are they really changing the world? We will discuss examples from the world and the region and try to understand why and how social startups exist?

3. What is Marketing 3.0: Focus on societies

Far from entrepreneurship, we will discuss Phili Kotler’s theory on Marketing 3.0. Which companies are using such methods and why? Does it help them? And why are we mentioning this in a social entrepreneurship workshop?

4. Now what about ME?

At the end of this course, we will discuss how all the information you have learned can be translated into an action plan for your current business, or your next idea.

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