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Survival Tips with Mireia Mujika – Staying Sane and Healthy

Hello, I’m Mire

I’m from the North of Spain (where it’s mountainous and rainy!).

And I truly love to accompany people, companies, and teams transforming their trajectories for the better.

I spent 10 years in Digital Product and Team Management where

I discovered my passion for coaching people.

I was, at that time, also a new mother, something that absolutely changed me inside out. I struggled with getting myself together and that is when I hired a coach who helped me get unstuck. I worked my way out but the second hit came quite soon after: I could not get motivated with my old job anymore.

I needed to reinvent myself. I have been a fitness coach since 2014 and the one thing I most loved of that was to see the members get the fitness level they wanted. But deep inside, it​ was the pride of having achieved what they desired for so long. I decided I wanted more of that, not only when it comes to fitness but in any aspect of our lives.

That is when I decided to pursue a Coaching career.

And here I am, ready to see you change and achieve what you really want.

A little about Mireia: