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Webinar on: Angel Investing, Crowdfunding & Tokenization

Bambucorn, an equity crowdfunding platform for tokenized securities is conducting a webinar on the 2nd of November 2020. Participate in this webinar and:
a. Understand early-stage investments, challenges, and benefits
b. Learn why you need to allocate a portion of your assets towards it
c. Listen to discussions about typical challenges faced during fundraising and how they could potentially be overcome
d. Explore equity crowdfunding as a preferred route to raising funds
e. Get a feel for the regulatory landscape of securities tokens in the Gulf
f. Listen to discussions surrounding tokenization and its ability to solve liquidity issues and more!

Come join us as our panelists Yasmeen Alsaffar (Bahrain EDB), Khaled AlFahim (AlFahim Group), Shelly Hod Moyal (iAngels), Akshata Namjoshi (Karm Legal), Hussain Haji (Inagrab) and moderator, Narayanan Ganapathy (Bambucorn) share their insights on angel investing, crowdfunding and tokenization