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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Feedback

Don’t forget to check out the other pages on StartUp Bahrain. Learn more about who’s who in the ecosystem, get to know the funding opportunities, get your startup an awesome perk, and learn why Bahrain is the perfect launchpad. We love to hear your feedback on StartUp Bahrain, don’t forget to share!


StartUp Bahrain is always on the lookout for awesome and skilled individuals to help represent the ecosystem, Bahrain, and more importantly, #TeamBahrain. Check out the questions on this page for more information on how to apply.

Press Kit

Find all you need in our one-stop press kit page for your StartUp Bahrain media and press needs. If you are sending press releases or editorial content, please make sure you include all the relevant information required.

General information about the ecosystem.

Learn more about the ecosystem and what’s in it for you. What is StartUp Bahrain? What’s a startup? Answers below.

What does StartUp Bahrain do?

StartUp Bahrain is a community initiative that brings all the innovative entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators, educational institutions and Bahraini government to foster a nation powered by startups! The ecosystem is your way to get in touch with local investors, mentors, key business figures, incubators, accelerators and more.

How does StartUp Bahrain define a ‘startup’?

StartUp Bahrain defines a startup or scale-up as a company that’s focused on being bold, thinking globally, innovative, and potentially using technology to aid in its growth.

Every entity within the StartUp Bahrain community have different criteria as to what type of startups they support. StartUp Bahrain is the startup ecosystem of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Its goal is to encourage startups who are innovative, bold, and think global.

You’re a startup if you fit the description below.

  1. Offer innovative or reiterative solutions to new or existing problems.
  2. Is built on a scalable, fast-growth, business model, established within less than 3 years within the Kingdom of Bahrain
  3. Has the ability to sustain high-risk, extreme uncertainty, and loss through its growth
  4. Be self-funded, funded through investors, or corporate funding.
  5. Has the ability to expand, operate, or offer its solutions out of Bahrain.
  6. Contains a technology element that caters to its fast growth.

What does the ecosystem offer early stage startups?

There are lots of programs and workshops happening for startups in Bahrain! Make sure you follow our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts and keep an eye on our website’s calendar event section for upcoming events, workshops and meetups in Bahrain.

How can I become a StartUp Bahrain partner, contributor, or perk provider?

We are excited to have you! Just send us your details on and we will get back to you!

How do I promote my startup event on StartUp Bahrain?

If you’re planning an event that’s relevant to startups or individuals in the ecosystem, we’d love to know about it. StartUp Bahrain promotes events that are startup-related, around technology, investment, skills, and more.

Think yours fit that criteria? Let us know through the form on this page.

How can I join the StartUp Bahrain team?

Thank you for your interest in joining the StartUp Bahrain team! The team is always on the lookout for awesome and skilled individuals to help represent StartUp Bahrain, the Kingdom, and more importantly, #TeamBahrain.

Shoot us an email on to get in touch with us!

How can I apply for or offer a perk?

Thanks to our strong strategic partnerships in Bahrain and around the world, we’re able to fuel the growth of your startup. Being a StartUp Bahrain startup, you simply get more. To apply for a perk, visit the perks page. If you’d like to offer the community a perk, please contact us using the contact form on this page.

Launching, moving, or establishing in Bahrain.

Planning on moving your startup or investing in Bahrain but not sure how to start? We are here to help! Get in touch with us, read the questions below, tell us what you need we’ll do our best to help.

Can StartUp Bahrain help me launch my startup?

StartUp Bahrain is your hotspot to gain access to entities that are more than happy to help launch your startup. Kindly refer back to the ‘How can I find and get in touch with investors and/or government funding for my startup?’ and ‘What are the different incubators and accelerators in Bahrain and how can I apply’ question for more information.

How can I register my company in Bahrain?

Bahrain welcomes you with open arms! Head over to the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) website to know how to register your business in a few steps.

The (SIJILAT) Portal is a system that tells you about all the conditions, procedures, laws and regulations related to acquiring business licenses for over 1,800 business activities!

Here’s a handy guide you can find on Sijilat, check out page 2 and 4 for the step by step guide on how to get your Virtual CR. Also, click here to know where to go for approval for your Sijili virtual CR.

Do I need a Bahraini partner to launch my startup in Bahrain?

Nope! Bahrain lets foreigners own 100% of their business with no free zone restrictions! Meaning you can set up anywhere in Bahrain and completely own your business. There are absolutely no restrictions on repatriation of capital, profits or dividends. For more information on how to setup in Bahrain, head over to the Bahrain Economic Development Board website.

What are my funding options within StartUp Bahrain?

Great question! We’ve got just the answer, check out the ecosystem page for a lot more details on who can fund your startup at different stages. StartUp Bahrain is the ecosystem and does not fund startups in and of itself.

I'm looking for an accelerator, incubator, or co-working space.

We know how difficult it is to launch your startup, but lucky for you, Bahrain has a bunch of incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces to get you started, head over to the ecosystem page to know who’s who and what they can offer.

Why is Bahrain the perfect launchpad for my startup?

With startup friendly policies to a growing pool of skilled and savvy talent, StartUp Bahrain is the perfect launchpad for your startup. Bahrain leads the region in doing business launching your startup, the friendliness of doing business in Bahrain only comes second to the warmth of its people!

To know about all the reasons that make Bahrain the perfect launchpad for startups, check out Why Bahrain, how the government can assist, and everything that makes Bahrain special.

How do I find a job within StartUp Bahrain?

Startups and entities within the StartUp Bahrain ecosystem are always looking for ambitious, talented, and team member that’ll take things to the next level.

First, subscribe to the monthly StartUp Bahrain newsletter, where we promote some of the featured jobs of the month, check out Majra (one of the awesome startups) for job opportunities, or the Bahrain Economic Development Board‘s job page.

Connect with @startupbahrain.

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