As Bahrain’s first Business Angels company, Tenmou has been one of the most important pillars in the Kingdom’s startup ecosystem. The company, having helped numerous homegrown startups with both capital and mentorship, is now planning on revamping its strategic direction and investment strategy. 

In a press release issued earlier in the week, Tenmou explained that the new direction the company plans to embark on is aimed at further accelerating the growth of Bahraini startups, which in turn, will add more strength to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country.

Nawaf Al Koheji, CEO at Tenmou, noted: “Our efforts remain focused on launching additional success stories and creating a truly collaborative environment and strengthening the existing startup ecosystem by creating more synergy. 

Further adding: “We have opened up applications for funding and are specifically seeking pre-seed and seed startups; innovative Bahrain-based entrepreneurs and startups that have reached the right stage of viability in their business can apply now through Tenmou’s website”

Nawaf also underlined that Tenmou will be launching a number of additional programs and initiatives in the coming months to drive early stage investments. 

As the process of revamping the company’s strategic direction unfolds, Tenmou has also unveiled a fresh new brand identity which, Nawaf said, “better reflects our journey as a company.”

Ghadeer Alaradi

Ghadeer Alaradi

A writer and content producer for StartUp Bahrain who enjoys uncovering stories of founders who are making a difference in their communities, successful women, passionate youth, and change-makers who strive to make the world a better place.